P.TM easy tag skull. I showed ya mine, you show me yours. #ptm #portugaltheman #evilfriends


Eating microphones at #LollapaloozaSP. Cred??


We’d see it ten times or more. It’s the freakiest show. Thank you so much @mis_sp for taking such good care of us. So inspiring. Photo- @brockfetch


Fun Boys at Lolla São Paulo, Brasil


Great day hanging with the fucking kings @osgemeos and our boys @Jon_rose @gugaketzer @tinicorosa and @Brockfetch regram from the artist currently known as @tinicorosa


Shot from day 1 in Colombia. Photo by the maniac @brockfetch


Dudes like

Anonymous asked: do you happen to know how many songs ptm play when they open for another band? i love them and i wanna see them open for the national but im not sure if their set is worth it.

A relatively short set, probably about 5 songs max?


Chillin in the Andes outside of Santiago. Thank you #LollapaloozaSA

mummbls asked: I read somewhere that said John didn't have too great of a high school experience, something along the lines of his 'darker times', where can I read more about what he went through, I'm so curious.

Here are some interviews that I liked:

Portugal. The Man singer tends his Alaska roots ~abstract way of thinking, growing up with Zach in Alaska

John Gourley (Portugal. The Man) Talks About His Art On All The Rage TV ~he talks about how Alaska has sort of shaped his views, etc.

John Gourley: The Man Behind Portugal. The Man ~brief but still some info there

Q&A With Portugal. The Man Front Man John Gourley ~this one especially talks about growing up in Alaska


zaynssugarbaby asked: Hey! I was wondering if Portugal. the man comes out after their shows to sign stuff? Because I'm going to their concert in my may and wanna get a picture! Thanks!

It depends on the venue, really. If it’s a bigger venue with tons of security it may be less likely, but then again you never know :)

I saw them in a small venue a couple of years ago and me and my friend just waited outside the back doors and Zach and Jason came out after about 10 minutes.

I recommend seeing where there tour bus is parked (usually by a side/back entrance) and hang in that area for a bit after the show…but give them some space, don’t go rushing to them. Be patient and see what happens!

stoked for Lolla; filmed this at @Fuse the other day http://on.fuse.tv/1m4wXVR

-Portugal. The Man via Facebook


Portugal. The Worst 2 Days left with @xocasperxo

Guys I know this isn’t John but hehe


Le Douche Louge to the eye

Anonymous asked: alright yo im mad confused. john kida sounds like hes sone satan worshipper on twit right now? like some kid askin him bout atheism n hes just responding like he believes in the devil n shit. like dude??

Naw man you got it wrong. Here’s the convo:

They’re saying they aren’t atheists. Atheists do not believe in any supreme being while Satanists believe in, and worship the devil (i.e. a supreme being). Most religions believe in some form of a ‘Satan’ or an evil being, e.g. Christianity (the devil), Judaism (satan means adversary), Islam (they have two terms; Iblis and shaitan), etc. so portugaltheman saying that they believe in the devil doesn’t tell us what religion they consider themselves a part of.