nbhd-hoodlums asked: hey! so i've recently completely fallen in love with portugal. the man, and i would like to get more into them. are there some good blogs that you would suggest for me to follow, and what is some background info/fun facts that would help me get more into them? (you know, besides stuff i would find on wikipedia). thanks so much!!! xoxo

Hello love! I am so glad you have found the magic that is portugal. the man. There really aren’t many portugal. blogs out there, unfortunately enough. I have yet to find one that consistently posts ptm related things (besides this obviously superb blog). 

Firstly, you should know that this band will change you. There’s something really special about the progression of albums (ptm has quite a few!) 

John and Zach, the core of this band hail from the great Alaska and started playing in a pretty hard-core band in Portland. They have an amazing admiration for all music, especially pop, which gives them such a distinct sound. John’s also quite stylish, and an absolutely incredibly talented artist. He has done all of the album art for ptm, and has a side project with the guy who does a lot of coloring for him, austin sellers, called the fantastic the. Their art is amazing, and I would absolutely recommend checking out their website. 

PTM’s has also worked with Danger Mouse (huge name in music). Backing vocals for the first albums are done by Zoe Manfield (his girlfriend and mother of his child, who is hella talented!). HAIM has also worked with them. They did a huge project last year with the Smithsonian National Zoo working with tiger conservation! (I was lucky enough to see their free show at the zoo and meet john then)

I would definitely suggest listening to at least a few songs from each album to really get a real feel for the band. Evil Friends isn’t even the half of the amazing things our boy john and his incredibly talented band can do! I would recommend AKA M80 The Wolf, Sapphire Magic, Church Mouth, And I, People Say, The Sun Acoustic, When the War Ends, and Floating (Time Isn’t Working My Side). Those are pretty entry level songs that’ll be sure to get you totally hooked! 

I hope this helped! Please feel free to ask us anything if you have any questions. 



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the most beautiful sunglasses 

they’re not available anymore but if anyone finds me some dubs i’ll love you forever 


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Portugal. The Man


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John Gourley | Portugal The Man | NYC